3 "Secret" LA Hotels

Staying in a hotel owned by a big chain is a safe bet, but it’s not the best way to get the feel for the heart and soul of a city. Boutique hotels and B&Bs can make a tourist feel almost like a local, a sensation that isn’t easy to achieve in a sprawling city … Continue Reading

Tips for Unforgettable Road Trips

It’s time to plan summer travel, and you’re lucky if your plans include a road trip. During almost four decades married to a man who didn’t fly, I took quite a few road trips. Traveling by car is a wonderful way to get a fresh perspective on our beautiful country. To help you enjoy the … Continue Reading

Tips for Train Travel

I have some wonderful memories of traveling by train with Aaron and the kids. Since Aaron didn’t fly we took an epic cross country journey via train. Although it’s not usually the most efficient way to get to your destination (and you won’t get the best sleep of your life on an overnight train) there … Continue Reading

Clever Travel Money-Savers

If you love to travel then you can find a way to see the world on any budget. Here are a few tips for saving money on travel expenses, so you’ll have more to spend on your next adventure! See the world in “shoulder” seasons.  You’ll save a bundle if you avoid a destination’s “high” … Continue Reading

The L.A. Locals Love

If you’re visiting Los Angeles soon (and I hope you are), it’s easy to find ideas for activities and sightseeing–the beach, glamorous shopping streets, A-list restaurants. Those are all must-dos, but I thought you should also know about the more low-key local treasures that are beloved by those of us who live here. These are … Continue Reading

How to Make Holiday Travel Less Stressful

The holidays are suddenly upon us, which means lots of fun with friends and family, but often also means traveling at the busiest travel time of the year!  If you’re going to be hitting the road for Thanksgiving or the winter holidays, check out this advice on how to make it less hectic: Send things … Continue Reading